Join Us

We understand what it’s like being an entrepreneur, and what it takes to achieve success.

That’s why we have three different levels of membership available, to suit your unique needs and to help you become super-successful – whatever ‘super-successful’ means for you.

Whether you want to go-it-alone or would prefer to have access to unlimited support, there’s an EC Membership level for you.

You can choose from Vault, Vault+ Meetings or P.I.A. and you can pay up front or monthly for each level. Whatever works for you.

Here’s what you can get, and how you can join us:


As a Vault Member, you get access to all of the amazing “stuff” the EC has to offer. “Stuff” that, when you use it properly, can help you take the steps to grow your knowledge and move your business forwards.

For £49 a month, you’ll get:

  • Subscription to The Circular – A 48-page, monthly business magazine jam-packed with amazing content from some of the brightest business brains in the country.
  • Monthly Botcast download – A monthly podcast, taking a specific topic and dissecting it to help you grow your business.
  • Unlimited access to The Vault - The Vault is filled with everything you could ever need to grow your business!

Vault + Meetings

As a Vault+ Meetings Member, you get access to all of the great content we produce with the added option to be able to come along to our meetings.

We run 32, full-day regional meetings up and down the UK that guarantee to equip you with plenty of useful “nuggets” you can implement in your business right away. We also run two National Events a year, where you can hear from some seriously impressive keynote speakers.

In the past we’ve hosted Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, best-selling author Michael Gerber and Olympic hero Chris Hoy. They’re most definitely worth coming along to.

For £99 a month, you’ll get:

  • Everything from Vault Membership plus…
  • Membership to the EC Facebook Group – Join our community of highly skilled entrepreneurs and business owners where you can ask for support, share ideas, or celebrate your successes.
  • Regional Meetings – Come along to our regional meetings, meet the EC team and fellow Members. Soak up the great content, and leave with your head buzzing.

Planning Implementation Accountability (P.I.A)

For those who want it, we coach – and our P.I.A. level of membership does just that.

Our highly experienced Business Growth Support Managers (BGSM) have only one goal: to make you and your business more successful. Using our unique P.I.A. approach, we work with you to plan, then implement all whilst holding you accountable to your commitments.

Your personal BGSM is on hand to deliver unlimited 1:1 help and support, all based on your personal Marketing Plan. If you’ve got a goal, we’ll help give you the steps to achieve it. P.I.A. keeps you on track with all the things you should be doing and holds you accountable when you waste time on the things you should be.

For £199 a month, you’ll get:

  • Everything from Vault+ Meetings Membership plus…
  • Personal BGSM – This is a named contact you can call on for support, advice, marketing critiques, or just when you need a push in the right direction. You’ll have regular scheduled phone calls to keep you on track.
  • Six Implementation Days – Struggle getting “stuff” done? As a P.I.A. Member you can come along to six Implementation Days where you’ll sit with EC experts and get things done. It’s 100% practical, high energy and super beneficial.