Entrepreneurs Circle events hold legendary status amongst those lucky enough to have attended in the past.

The EC want 2020 to be all about you. We want this to be a landmark year where you make proper progress in your business, and a year where your profits break through to unprecedented levels.

And our events will help you do exactly that, they include;

1. The Getting & Keeping Customers Convention - the inaugural 3-day, must-attend business event of the year. It will be the single biggest and best business event in the UK next year – all focussed on equipping you to get and keep customers like you’ve never done before.

2. Advanced Masterclasses - each one of the masterclasses are run by Entrepreneurs Circle founder Nigel Botterill. These advanced sessions are for advanced entrepreneurs and are set to be more impactful than ever for you and your team.

Get all the details on our events below:


The Getting & Keeping Customers Convention

Get ready for a celebration to remember, as Entrepreneurs Circle marks its 10th anniversary with a 3-day ‘Getting & Keeping Customers’ convention.

A 3-day state of the art, highly interactive, ground breaking virtual event that will equip YOU with the strategies and tactics you need to thrive in this new world…

Yep, that’s right, from Tuesday, October 5th to Thursday, October 7th, 1,500 attendees will be immersed in 3 solid days of eye-widening, highly practical content from Nigel, the EC team and our celebrity guests!

You’ll get the chance to bask in the wisdom of the best in business and in an environment filled with both like-minded business owners and industry experts, whilst also working on your own business; receiving practical content from Nigel and the team.

This event plays host to EC’s most impressive line-up yet. Some of the speakers at the Getting & Keeping Customers Convention include; Marcus Sheridon, Helena Langdon, and Rory Sutherland, who’ll all be revealing their secrets to success and showing how you can use them to get & keep customers for your business.

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Advanced Masterclasses

These are advanced training sessions for advanced business owners.

There’s zero fluff, puff or ‘theory’. These are in-depth, two-day events where EC founder Nigel Botterill goes deep on a particular topic, strategy or principle that will have a BIG impact on your business.

These events are created exclusively for business owners and cover topics ranging from how entrepreneurs can better manage their time and productivity to how to attract wealthier customers for whom price is never an issue.

If you’re an ambitious business owner – these are the events for you.

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