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NBTV Episode 401 – It spoils everything…

Following on from our fantastic 400th episode last week, Nige is back with a new bite-sized bit this week. He’s feeling remorseful. Something’s bothering him[…]
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11th Apr 2018

NBTV Episode 400

Can you believe it? We’ve reached episode 400 of NBTV. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see how far we’ve come… 400 bite-sized[…]
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4th Apr 2018

NBTV Episode 399 – Nigel and his chicks…

Nigel has been checking out chicks this week. Cute chicks. Don’t worry, it’s nothing fowl, it’s an eggcellent bite sized bit.  

28th Mar 2018

NBTV Episode 398 – Breezy and easy

You’ll be blown away by this week’s bite-sized bit…. It’s a bit breezy but Nige has a couple of guests with him tell you about[…]
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20th Mar 2018

NBTV Episode 397 – Stealing the Super Bowl

Here at EC HQ our walls are designed to inspire you. For this week’s bite-sized bit, one of these walls has got Nigel thinking about[…]
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14th Mar 2018

NBTV Episode 396 – Decisions, decisions…

Nigel is in ‘Gotham City’ (Dubai) for this week’s bite-sized bit. He’s in a reflective mood as he looks out at the view from his[…]
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7th Mar 2018

NBTV Episode 395 – The wrong cake incident…

How can cake ever be wrong I hear you ask? Well, in the second in a two-part NBTV series, Nigel has a bite-sized bit where cake really[…]
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28th Feb 2018

NBTV Episode 394 – “It’s transformed things Nigel!”

An Inner Circle member told Nigel last week about one of our videos – “It’s transformed things Nigel!” she said. So this week’s bite-sized bit[…]
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20th Feb 2018

NBTV Episode 393 – Lights, Camera, Action!

There’s no excuses. None. Not anymore. And it’s not just Nige saying it. Go behind the scenes at an EC event yesterday to get the[…]
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13th Feb 2018

NBTV Episode 392 – Follow up from the Follow Up Festival

Nigel is practising what he preaches this week and the bite-sized bit is a follow-up from the Follow Up Festival on Monday. It’s a little[…]
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7th Feb 2018

NBTV Episode 391 – 98.5% of the population do this…

Nigel has an unusually domesticated bite-sized bit this week. It’s already caused  bit of a discussion amongst the team here that have seen this episode[…]
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31st Jan 2018

NBTV Episode 390 – It’s raining, it’s pouring…

We’re back to normal this week with Nigel bringing you a British weather influenced bite sized bit. Watch – there’s a metaphorical umbrella here for[…]
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24th Jan 2018

NBTV Episode 389 – Nigel, you look different…

We have a different bite-sized bit for you this week – brought to you by a guest presenter! Maybe this should actually be called CBTV[…]
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17th Jan 2018

NBTV Episode 388 – What’s the score?

Sometimes Nigel talks about football. He may use football as an analogy to help his bite sized bits resonate with you as business owners. This[…]
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10th Jan 2018