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An NBTV of two halves…

NBTV Episode 415 Привет, добро пожаловать в NBTV… Nigel is in Russia for this week’s bite-sized bit and it really is an episode of two[…]
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18th Jul 2018

We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo… Part 1

NBTV Episode 414 … How about you, you, you… Nige has some extra special guests with him for this bite-sized bit coming to you from[…]
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6th Jul 2018

NBTV Episode 413 – I know that was then, but it could be again…

You may not be a footie fan, and this bite-sized bit clearly features some football however it is a belter – don’t let that put[…]
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4th Jul 2018

NBTV Episode 412 – The best kept secret

This week is a Hollywood edition of NBTV. We haven’t got a star studded cast introducing the episode, but we have got another great bite-sized[…]
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27th Jun 2018

NBTV Episode 411 – How soon is soon?

Still in California, Nigel spotted a restaurant doing a promo event for this week’s literal bite-sized bit!  

20th Jun 2018

NBTV Episode 410 – Breaking the cycle

Round and round and round we go, day after day, week after week on the merry-go-round of business – or in Nigel’s case he’s on[…]
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13th Jun 2018

NBTV Episode 409 – When in Venice…

What do Marty McFly, Tony Hawk and Nigel all have in common…? That’s right, they’re all fans of skateboarding… Ok, I agree, that link is[…]
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6th Jun 2018

NBTV Episode 408 – What goes up, must come down – Panama Canal Pt4

Here is the 4th and final part of Nigel’s Panama Canal NBTV episodes. This week’s bite-sized bit is all about your approach…  

30th May 2018

NBTV Episode 407 – How much? – Panama Canal Pt3

Nige is still on the Panama Canal for this week’s bite-sized bit. Who’d have thought  a stretch of water could provide so much inspiration for[…]
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18th May 2018

NBTV Episode 406 – Who is your crew? – Panama Canal Pt2

Here’s part two of Nigel’s 4-part Panama Canal series of NBTVs. This week, his bite-sized bit came to him after watching men in tug boats…[…]
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15th May 2018

NBTV Episode 405 – If at first you don’t succeed… Panama Canal Pt1

This week sees the start of a 4-part series of NBTVs that Nigel recorded whilst travelling the Panama Canal on his recent holiday. You’ll have[…]
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9th May 2018

NBTV Episode 404 – Good things come in pink boxes…

Nigel and his family have just returned from a holiday. On one day they were suddenly overtaken by an urge to do something they wouldn’t[…]
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2nd May 2018

NBTV Episode 403 – I feel the need….

…. The need for speed… Maverick: [to Cougar and Merlin while up in the air] Any of you boys seen an aircraft-carrier around here?   NBTV[…]
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25th Apr 2018

NBTV Episode 402 – Lifting the fog

It’s a bit dreary looking so you would be forgiven for thinking Nigel is in England for this bite-sized bit – well you’d be wrong.[…]
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18th Apr 2018