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NBTV Episode 394 – “It’s transformed things Nigel!”

An Inner Circle member told Nigel last week about one of our videos – “It’s transformed things Nigel!” she said. So this week’s bite-sized bit[…]
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20th Feb 2018

NBTV Episode 393 – Lights, Camera, Action!

There’s no excuses. None. Not anymore. And it’s not just Nige saying it. Go behind the scenes at an EC event yesterday to get the[…]
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13th Feb 2018

NBTV Episode 392 – Follow up from the Follow Up Festival

Nigel is practising what he preaches this week and the bite-sized bit is a follow-up from the Follow Up Festival on Monday. It’s a little[…]
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7th Feb 2018

NBTV Episode 391 – 98.5% of the population do this…

Nigel has an unusually domesticated bite-sized bit this week. It’s already caused  bit of a discussion amongst the team here that have seen this episode[…]
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31st Jan 2018

NBTV Episode 389 – Nigel, you look different…

We have a different bite-sized bit for you this week – brought to you by a guest presenter! Maybe this should actually be called CBTV[…]
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17th Jan 2018

NBTV Episode 388 – What’s the score?

Sometimes Nigel talks about football. He may use football as an analogy to help his bite sized bits resonate with you as business owners. This[…]
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10th Jan 2018

NBTV Episode 387 – Is it going to be a great year?

Nige is back with his first bite-sized bit for 2018. Don’t worry, it’s not a bog standard new year, new start type video. Instead this[…]
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3rd Jan 2018

NBTV – The EC Christmas Video

Ho Ho Ho!  We’re celebrating our own success this week! It’s only taken: 3 days 40 people 876 retakes 9 inches of snow 52 hours[…]
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14th Dec 2017

NBTV Episode 385 – NBTV EXTREME!

NBTV this week was recorded in ‘extreme conditions’. Nigel braves the aftermath of the ‘snow bomb’ that hit the Midlands this week to bring you[…]
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13th Dec 2017

NBTV Episode 384 – Thought for the Day…

As we approach the end of the year Nigel is feeling thoughtful. This bite sized bit should make you think too….      

6th Dec 2017

NBTV Episode 383 – It’s carnage!

This week’s bite sized bit comes to you from EC HQ. Nige is shocked. He’s not happy. Watch to find out what is causing him[…]
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29th Nov 2017

NBTV Episode 382 – Special Cornwall Edition

Didn’t we have a lovely time, the day we went to…. Trevone… Nige took some of the team all the way to Cornwall for a[…]
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21st Nov 2017

NBTV Episode 380 – Grinning like a Cheshire Cat

How can a fictional grinning cat help you and your business? Nigel is joined by Martin Norbury for this week’s bite-sized bit to help you[…]
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1st Nov 2017