We're Entrepreneurs Circle and we exist to Educate, Motivate, Help & Inspire business owners to achieve more than they ever thought possible...


Who is Entrepreneurs Circle?

The Entrepreneurs Circle is the original and best – no one has helped more businesses to grow than the EC!

We exist to educate, motivate, help and inspire business owners to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

We’re a team of over 50 highly skilled marketers, copy-writers, designers, coaches, digital experts and more based near the NEC in Birmingham, right in the heart of the UK.

Many of the people behind, and working in, other independent organisations that purport to support businesses in the UK, learned their craft and skills from Nigel and the team at Entrepreneurs Circle.


What We Do

In simple terms EC changes lives.

When your businesses starts generating cash, rather than consuming it – it’s life changing;

When your business moves from losses into profit – it’s life changing;

When you go from ‘getting by’ to making serious money – it’s life changing;

When you crack what we call the Rhythmic Acquisition of Customers for your business – it’s life changing;

When you create new jobs and employ more people – it’s life changing;

When your mum or dad stops working 24/7 on their business and has time for you – it’s life changing;

When you can take the holidays you’ve dreamed of, or buy your forever home, or drive the car you’ve always wanted – it’s life changing;

Those are the results of what we do. And they happen every week for businesses in EC…


Why We Do It

Never a week goes by at EC without a letter, a card, an email or a gift being received from one of our members thanking us for the difference we’ve made to their business.

That’s hugely fulfilling – and it’s what drives us;

We’re a great team of high calibre marketers and we get to put our talents and skills to work every day to make a real difference to the lives of others.

We love to learn – and we’re very aware that we need to stay right at the leading edge of marketing in all its forms so we can best support and help our members, whether that’s teaching them, showing them, helping them or, increasingly, doing it for them.

It means we get to have fun every day, doing what we love and being appreciated for it – which we recognise is pretty cool and very rare. That’s why we do it!


Our Story So Far

The Entrepreneurs Circle work with thousands of business owners, just like you, every single day who desire success and growth for their business. Here at EC we really don’t like the fact that so many businesses in the UK fail or more often stay mired in mediocrity. It happens because they don't get the real life support, the insights, the training, the coaching, all the backup that they need to enable them to really succeed. That's why Entrepreneurs Circle exists. To fix that.

February, 2019 item Image

The EC’s new Proper Implementation Journeys go down a storm with thousands of business owners and their teams ‘properly implementing’ key marketing pillars in their business thanks to the LIVE, online, interactive courses.

January, 2019 item Image

Business Growth Central broadcasts for the first time. Our fortnightly LIVE TV show is watched by thousands around the world via livestream.

December, 2018item Image

The final training courses are held in the EC Academy as the builders move in to convert the training rooms into a broadcast quality studio in preparation for…

October, 2018 item Image

Profit Accelerator, the latest addition to the suite of EC coaching is launched with great excitement and immediately garners over 100 new members.

May, 2018 item Image

The EC’s marketing agency, Let Us Do It For You is launched and becomes a million pound business of it’s own in less than 12 months.

April, 2018 item Image

The 400th episode of NBTV is published. Nigel continues to deliver his ‘bite-size’ bits to help your business grow each and every week.

December, 2017item Image

In late 2017 the team behind the Entrepreneurs Circle launch LeadCycle – a complete done-for-you lead generation service designed for small business owners.

May, 2017item Image

The EC introduce a (highly anticipated!) Done-For-You service. Now our higher levels of membership can get high quality marketing assets written, designed and created for them!

March, 2017item Image

The Programme is launched – an 18-month structured programme that is 100% focussed on getting YOU to where you want to be. It’s not about learning… it’s about implementing and provides 1:1 support for serious business owners.

September, 2016item Image
  • Karren Brady
  • Levi Roots
  • Gerald Ratner
  • And other celebrities…

…all join the EC’s crusade to help business owners achieve more than they ever thought possible

July, 2016item Image

Inner Circle Membership is launched and our new PIA membership goes down a storm with business owners looking for personal 1:1 help with Planning, Implementation and Accountability.

January, 2015item Image

EC moves from ‘Botty Towers’ to new premises near the NEC in Birmingham, UK in order to accommodate the EC Training Academy and growing staff.

December, 2015item Image

Over 13,000 business owners and their staff attend training courses in the first year of the EC Training Academy with an average course rating of 9.1/10. It puts EC in the top 2% of training providers in the country.

September, 2014

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple headlines the second National Entrepreneurs Convention in Birmingham, but 1,500 delegates see Debra Searle steal the show.

The EC Training Academy is launched at the event and over 600 TEAPs are purchased in an afternoon.

July, 2012item Image

The EC’s ‘Olympic Challenge’ referral competition generates over 250 new members in 2 weeks and EC goes past 2,000 members for the first time.

August, 2011item Image

Nigel publishes his Sunday Times Bestseller, Botty’s Rules. Interweaving his own story with the 29 key rules to business success that he has learnt on his journey. The book goes on to win Best Small Business Book of the Year.

April, 2011item Image

Our first National Event takes place at Slough Football Club. There are 76 attendees and no staff to help Nige.

March, 2010item Image

EC is launched on a webinar on a cold night in March 2010. 193 members join in the first 24 hours and within a week we have over 300 members.

EC has no staff – just Nige.

June, 2009item Image

Nigel and the team launch MySMB a package which taught people how to become social media managers for other businesses.

January, 2009item Image

Explosive Marketing was launched, a done for you marketing service for restaurants.

December, 2008

Raring2Go is sold to the company who print the 1.2 million magazines Raring2Go was publishing each quarter.

February, 2008item Image

My Little Wrapper – a personalized chocolate wrapper business is launched and does over a million pounds of turnover in its first year.

April, 2006item Image

We launched Raring2Go a local magazine which was the definitive guide on what to do and where to go with your children. We print over 4 million magazines a year.

July, 2005item Image

Launched thebestof.co.uk our first franchised business. It became the fastest growing franchise in the history of the UK and won dozens of awards.

June 2004item Image

My Mag, a magazine business in a box was launched from Nigel’s spare bedroom. It was our first real success.

January, 2003

Nigel takes the leap and leaves his corporate career to start his own business.


Around the Office at EC HQ

The stairs up to our training academy where we've trained over 16,000 business owners...

Nigel with two of our in-house marketing team at a mini-golf staff outing - who do you think won? 😉

The entrance to ECHQ where our private clients and guests are greeted by our chalkboard wall and of course, Matt the Butler...

Our Paid Traffic team, hard at work generating leads and sales for our Private Clients 😎

Entrepreneurs Circle's in-house marketing 'garden oasis' - generating fresh oxygen to keep the team sharp! 😂🌱

Behind the scenes of our brand new, state of the art, television studio that we broadcast to 4,000+ people every other week!

Two of Entrepreneurs Circle's technical wizards working their magic!

The wall of Circulars at ECHQ - showcasing over 110 issues of the most widely read practical business magazine in the country.

A sneak peek into the ground floor of ECHQ where over 50 of us reside each day...

If there's one thing the Entrepreneurs Circle team love - it's mini-golf!

Our annual trip to Winter Wonderland in London to celebrate the results of the year for EC, our members and Private Clients.

The infamous Matt the Butler who will be on hand to greet you at ECHQ and any of our events throughout the year if you stop by!

On set for Business Growth Central - the UK's most popular online business growth show!

Members of the EC Team wearing pink in support of Breast Cancer...

What Our Clients Are Saying

Joining EC was the best decision I’ve made

Joining EC was the best decision I’ve made in over 10 years in business and our focus and progress is due in no small part to Nigel and the team at EC and the help and inspiration they’ve given me.

Victoria Williams

Victoria Williams Terptree

£1.3m to £2m in ten months!

I joined Entrepreneurs Circle last year and the business has gone from £1.2m to over £10m in a ten-month period! It’s fantastic!

Costa Georgio

Costa Georgio UK Kebabs

£750,000 of sales from one EC nugget…

I increased my turnover by 400% by following one EC nugget. It sounds obvious now but it’s made such a big difference and when I add it up it’s generated £750K worth of sales!

Andrew Thomson

Andrew Thomson Innova Engineering

The enthusiasm is contagious

I love the Entrepreneurs Circle! When you work on your own it can be very challenging to keep inspired, motivated and on track. Nigel’s enthusiasm is contagious!

Elaine Carr

Elaine Carr Flip Flop Marketing

Zero to £400,00 turnover in just four years thanks to EC

With the help of Nigel Botterill, my business has gone from strength to strength and has transformed into the success it is today. We now turnover £400,000 with a team of seven people, in just four years ago.

James Sheard

James Sheard The Accountancy People

A new £25,000 contract

Inspired by what I learned at the EC, I produced a top quality newsletter. The newsletter attracted the right attention and we landed a £25,000 contract as a result.

John Lamerton

John Lamerton Free Racing Tips

£100,000 of sales in three days

I used the information that I’d learned from the EC when selling tickets to a music festival. I sold a quarter of the event tickets within three days of them going on sale, which brought me in £100,000!

Rob Star

Rob Star Eastern Electrics Festival

£60,000 of new business

As an EC member, I knew that I had to give direct mail a try. I sent out a great offer and a pack of jelly beans to clients that we wanted to work with. Within two days I’d brought in £60,000 of new business. Brilliant.

Becky Lippet

Becky Lippet The Umbrella Group

£18,500 of new business in a week

After hearing Nigel speak about the importance of offering a premium product at an EC Event, I decided to begin offering a three-tiered pricing structure. Within a week this new pricing structure had brought in £18,500 worth of new business!

Delyth Jones

Delyth Jones Answer My Phone

Within just two week I’d won a £50,000 contract

Joining the EC helped me to put 12 years worth of ideas into action. The content they have available online really helped me and within just two weeks of joining I’d won a £50,000 contract as a result.


Lucy Barry

Lucy Barry Flair Dance Academy

On track for £1,000,000 turnover

After being a member of EC for just four weeks I’d increased my turnover by £40,000. I’ve really learned to work ‘on’ my business, rather than just ‘in’ it and now I’m on track to reach a turnover of £1,000,000 by the end of the year.


Nik Allen

Nik Allen My News Mag

It’s on another level completely…

I’ve been a member of the EC for several years now and I can honestly say that the support they offer really is on another level, completely different to anything else out there. So practical and insightful and they really do care.

Steve Hindley

Steve Hindley iNarrator

Turnover up by 500% in the last year…

Times were rough before I joined the EC – my phone never rang. A year later and my sales are up 500% all thanks to the resources and help I’ve received.


Jaroslaw Wolak

Jaroslaw Wolak Lopa Removals

We’ve grown by 35 franchises in 12 months

Working with Entrepreneurs Circle and using their guides and support has allowed us to get serious and take the next step. Results have phenomenal. We’ve grown by 35 in just 12 months.

Colin and Jenni Bradford

Colin and Jenni Bradford Magical Maths

We’ve doubled the size of our business…

The EC has helped us to focus on our marketing and get it right! We’ve implemented what they taught us and in 12 months our turnover has more than doubled!


Mitch Lloyd

Mitch Lloyd Petra Jewellery